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This week I wanted to talk with you about lighting. Since lighting is the key to taking pictures (besides your camera of course!) and there is SO much to learn from it, I am going to number the tutorials. This is something we will talk about quite frequently! Where we live, we hardly see the sun all winter. It can be quite depressing! The other day I woke up and saw the sun beaming through our windows. We have HUGE windows in our home and its so perfect for taking pictures. Tons of window lighting. I couldn’t believe my eyes and opened all of our curtains and was totally soaking up that sun light! I took my daughter to the park and my camera and played around with her for about an hour. I got some really cute images that I will have to share with you next week. I haven’t had a chance to look through them yet. I did however get a nice picture of my daughter while she was playing in the bath tub after the park. Our bathroom gets great window lighting. Plus the tile is white all around and it makes for a great reflector. The window was facing my right and the light was not shinning completely through the window so it made for perfect lighting. When the light is too bright or shinning directly from the sun, you have to be careful not to blow out your images or over expose them.

I am going to start posting my settings so those of you who shoot in manual can know how I was shooting.

Canon 30D -50 mm lens    f/stop- 1.8   ISO 125    SS 1/60

Here is my lighting tip and tutorial for you this week. I will be combining Inspire me Friday and Tutorial Thursday since I was so busy getting my website switched over to wordpress.

Tip- Lighting is most important. Why you ask? Well if you are in a dark room and no light is coming through, take a picture. There will be no image! Now let in a little light and take another picture. Depending on your settings and lighting will depend on the image you capture. Now every camera has a built in flash. If you are shooting in the automatic settings and not in manual mode, then you are basically letting your camera guess at what images you want to capture. If there is low lighting, chances are your flash is going to fire off. I prefer not to use my flash and I can control this because I shoot in manual and control my own settings for the image. I will be talking more about this on another date, but my challenge for you is to take some pictures in different light settings. You will be amazed at how creative you can get with different light settings. IF you are outdoors and notice the sun is right above your head and beaming harshly down on your subject, then try to move them towards a shaded area. This will make for a great photo. I will teach you later on how to use the sun as a back light, how to take a silhouette when the sun is low in the sky or high in the sky, using window lighting in your home, studio lighting, taking pictures at night and during sunrise or sunset. There are so many great things to learn about lighting. Just know the lighting is the key! It is what will make your photograph and give it the unique look you are trying to capture on your subjects or object.

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  1. swillcox says:

    Can you explain a little bit about how the ISO affects the image? From my experience with film the high ISO 800, 1600 were for dark lighted situations and the lower 200 was for sunny. How will changing it change your image – what would happen if you were on the wrong ISO? Thanks

    • Holly says:

      There are 3 things that will effect your image when shooting in manual (the exposure triangle).. your ISO, F/Stop and Shutter Speed. I can’t really explain all of that in one comment, but usually when you are in a lower lighting situation you will have to up your ISO to get a proper exposure (it will depend on your f/stop and shutter speed settings as well, they all work together). If you are in a situation where you have amazing light then you will have a lower ISO setting. Like in the picture above, I had so much light, that I was able to use a lower ISO. I also was using my 50 mm and my aperature was set at 1.8 which means a lot of light was coming through. Hopefully that makes sense. I will talk more about the exposure triangle in other tutorials.

  2. swillcox says:

    Thank you yes makes a lot of sense – wasn’t sure that the ISO and Fstop were based off each other, thanks!

  3. Tara says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your tutorial was great. I am a new follower!

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can’t wait to see more tutorials. I am following back.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love your blog very helpful :-)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and directing me to your tutorials. I need all the help I can get, I am a brand new photographer:) New follower!