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This is my first guest post so here is a little about me – my name is Stephanie. I am a wife, mommy to three boys, and a couponer! 😀
I am the owner of JW Wedding Photography in Illinois – JW Wedding Photography is the David’s Bridal recommended bridal photographer!
One of the easiest ways to turn an average picture into an AMAZING picture is to be careful not to include too much or too little background. Offset your subject(s) so that they aren’t dead smack in the middle of the picture.

The rule of thumb is to: SPLIT YOUR PICTURE INTO THIRDS.
Typically you see it in a portrait when you have about 2/3 person and 1/3 background – that’s a good head shot.


mom and dad’s heads are in the top 1/3,
baby in the middle 1/3,
and baby feet in the bottom 1/3


you can split into 1/3 horizontally too – this isn’t perfectly thirds – but don’t be afraid to get some scenery in the side, or hair for that matter! If you get movement going into the picture or someone looking into the picture that can look really dramatic too!


A really easy way to apply this rule to nature pictures is to put the horizon at the 1/3 mark, either 2/3 sky or 2/3 ground, not right down the middle of the picture.
Hope this helps when posing your pictures –
Happy Picture Taking!

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