Click it Thursday- Tips on photographing your kids Part 2

Photographing Your Own Kids…

“Patience is a Virtue” they say. I generally have a whole lot of patience. I love working with kids and doing shoots that capture them in moments that can be remembered forever. When it comes to my own kids I use up my patience virtue awfully fast.

This past Christmas we decided to send Christmas cards with a picture of just the kids. I had the clothes, the accessories, an afternoon with gorgeous light and the perfect location. I forgot to factor in my kids personalities and the time to get them all ready. I’ll spare you the details on the disasterous afternoon that ensued. After that, I finally started treating my kids like my clients and the results were far beyond what I would have dreamed.

So you may have planned a little something special to show off your cuties. It may not be a professional photo shoot, but you hope it will be a lot better than just a snap shot and you hope they are on their most cooperative behavior. If they are anything like my munchkins, what ensues even with my best laid plans are usually 3 of 5 smiling, 1 making a funny face at me and another looking off at anything but me. We have done enough photo shoots around here for me to finally wise up and ensure that I am creating the best environment possible to have them relaxed and happy and ready to cooperate.

Here’s a little help with shooting your own kids:

Prep Them: If they are old enough, talk to them about it. “Mommy wants to take some beautiful pictures of you to send out to grandma. She will love seeing your happy face.”

Feed Them: Feed them right before you are ready to shoot! {Preferably before their cute clothes go on their bodies} Bring a snack with you. Goldfish crackers are fantastic and travel and clean up easily.

Let Them Rest Up: Try to schedule your shoot around their most cooperative time of day. Sleepy or grumpy kids never equal success.

Clothes: Put their clothes on right before you are heading out. This will save your sanity of trying to keep them clean and kept for long periods of time.

Let Them Explore: Especially if you are taking them to a new location! They are going to be curious and want to play. Let them! The newness will wear off in about 20 minutes and they’ll be ready to cooperate.

Bring their favorite things: If they have a favorite lovey or baby, bring it with you {especially if they are little!}. You’ll love having those little trinkets in the pictures to look back on.

Play, play, play!: Kids of all ages love games! My favorite go to game is “Simon Says”. This gets them doing what I need them to and keeps it fun! Chances are there will be no fake, forced smiles .. just genuinely happy kids and that will equal a genuinely happy mommy!

Embrace it: The entire experience can be a big headache or you can give yourself permission to relax and just have fun with them.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Great article! I love it! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Ashley sisk says:

    Really great tips – I find that I am not good at giving direction but I’ll have to keep these tips in mind.

  3. Buckeroomama says:

    Thanks for sharing these great tips! So true about letting them play. I find that I often get better shots of my kids at play than if I ask them to simply pose. =)