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Tutorial Thursday- Finding the light

Tutorial Thursday- Finding the light

First off, thank you to Holly for allowing me to share some of my photos with her fabulous readers!!  I am obsessed with workshops and in my last one I learned about dramatic lighting.  Now, it turns out I’m obsessed with dramatic lighting.  This was always a technique that I was very intimated to try.  […]

What to wear tip guide for photographers

What to wear tip guide for photographers

I put together a what to wear tip guide for photographers. You can download it for free here on my fan page. I will be posting monthly shares without my logo on my photography blog. Hope you enjoy it! There will be some more fun features coming soon. I haven’t had too much time on […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to add twitter tweet and facebook like to each post

Today’s tutorial is going to require a little tweaking with your blogger HTML coding. I am going to show you how to add a tweet button and facebook like button below your posts. If you look below my posts, I added this feature the other day. This is so great if you have posts where […]

Tutorial Thursday- Making money with your blog

A lot of people don’t realize you can actually make money with your blog. It is wonderful receiving products free of charge to review for companies, but it’s actually really nice when you make money with your blog because that money can add up so quick! Now I am not saying you are going to […]

Tutorial Thursday- Getting Traffic to your blog

Anyone can create a blog. It is fun and easy and a great way to get your thoughts out there. A lot of people always wonder what is the best way to get traffic coming to your blog or website so people know about you. I am going to share with you what has worked […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to make a signature

A lot of people like to leave a signature below their posts to make it more personal or just fun! I will explain below how to do this because it is quite easy. Go to My Live Signature. Click on "proceed" and "create signature". They give you different options to choose when creating a signature. […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to back up your blog

I have heard a lot of things from other bloggers about them losing content on their blog or having their blog deleted all together. This would be such a scary thing to happen since most of us with blogs spend so much time writing and we have content on here that we do NOT want […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to open new window

Today’s tutorial is soo easy and very simple, but so important at the same time. When you post a link on your website, I think it is so important that you always make it so your link will open a new window. Why do you ask? Once you finally get traffic to your website or […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to make grab code for button

Alright readers, are you ready for another Tutorial Thursday. A couple weeks back, I explained how to make a button. If you miss that tutorial, that is OK, just go here to catch up! When you have a button, its nice to have grab code box where your readers can grab your button and display […]

Tutorial Thursday- How to make a favicon

This tutorial is a little more complicated because you have to go in and tweak your code, but if you follow along, it is VERY easy. Always make sure you back up your HTML code before you mess with it. Today I am going to show an awesome tutorial that helped me EASILY create a […]